• A-ROSA Flusskreuzfahrten Katalog 2019
  • Flusskreuzfahrten Katalog 2019
  • Kreuzfahrten Katalog 2019
  • Flusskreuzfahrten Katalog 2019
  • Flusskreuzfahrten Katalog 2019
  • Flusskreuzfahrten Katalog 2019
A-ROSA River Cruises 2019
Danube - Douro - Rhine/Main/Moselle - Rhône/Saône - Seine
River Cruises 2018

The new A-ROSA catalogue is here!

Set sail and discover perfect happiness!

Cities have always been magnets for poets and thinkers, for creative minds and experts in the art of living, for lovers of ancient arts and the shapers of tomorrow. And, of course, for all visitors who want to immerse their body and soul in this source of creativity. Every city traveller experiences his or her surroundings differently. Take Paris for example - the Grande Dame on the Seine, which you can now also visit while on an A-ROSA cruise. For some, the French capital is one single gourmet foodie’s paradise, for others a fascinating gallery full of breath-taking art and yet for others a labyrinth that leads to long-forgotten times.

Whatever you are looking for in a city - with A-ROSA you will find the perfect one. You will also experience a whole new way of travelling: all-around safe and carefree. With A-ROSA you can be certain you will have a holiday experience with quality and enjoyment from beginning to end. Each route is personally prepared by us, each co-operation partner carefully selected, each excursion destination judged and each service always questioned and improved – simply 100% A-ROSA. The fact that we are exactly on the right track with this approach is confirmed not only by our guests, but also by independent institutes. For us, this is an incentive to push our cruises to even higher quality in the future.

Premium all inclusive – your advantages:

Everyone who boards one of our cruise ships enters into a new world full of possibilities. Whether you want to relax with a massage, taste your way through our beverage menu or simply enjoy the wonderful views from one of the sun loungers on the sun deck – we want you to be able to fully enjoy these moments. The easiest way to enjoy every moment of your cruise is with our "A-ROSA Premium all inclusive" rate. Premium all inclusive stands for a variety of benefits and services that make your holiday on the river even more pleasant than it already is. And if any wish still does remain, you can be sure that our crew will do its best to fulfil that as well. Agreed?

  • Gourmet buffets, live cooking stations – the cuisine on A-ROSA offers perfect choices for everyone.
  • Enjoy the many high-quality beverages throughout the day.
  • Children 15 years old and under travel for free*
  • You can take advantage of the Early Booking Discount for bookings made by 31sh August 2018 for cruises from October 2018.
  • Also, look forward to many other benefits such as exclusive discounts and free WiFi.

*at least one parent or adult with parental consent in the cabin, only valid with the "Premium all inclusive" rate and for the cruise portion of the journey

The super early booking discount applies per full payer for bookings until 30.11.2018 in the tariff "Premium all inclusive". Please note that only a limited number of trips are available.

Premium alles inklusive: Der A-ROSA Tarif der keine Wünsche offen lässt


A-ROSA River Cruises with children

For children, the ships feel just like a large playground. After all, cruises are an adventure, and adventures are particularly fun if one is cared for as well as during an A-ROSA river cruise. And for the perfect care, we have experienced children entertainers onboard – so that parents can relax with a clear conscience, while the kids experience many big and small adventures.

The A-ROSA family offer:

  • Children up to 15 years travel free of charge*
  • A-ROSA Kids Club** with children's animation
  • Family tables
  • Special family cabins


* if they are accompanied by at least one full-paying adult in A-ROSA Premium all inclusive rate
** during the German school holidays

Flussreisen mit Kindern



Kreuzfahrt mit Kindern


City breaks on the river

A-ROSA offers the most beautiful way to travel through magnificent regions to the most exciting metropolises. Your comfortable premium hotel accompanies you always and docks right in the heart of the cities. It does not get any better!

Culture, shopping, spa, kids club, fitness. All your loved ones will be happy – aboard and on shore! Every detail of your holiday comes from one source - 100% A-ROSA. City hopping has never been so easy, stress-free and safe.


Städtereisen mit A-ROSA

NEW in 2019: A-ROSA on the Douro

Spark your imagination: What do you see first when you think of Portugal? Maybe impressive cliffs, the taste of port wine or traditional guitar music? Portugal has it all. And in 2019 we will add another highlight: Our new A-ROSA ship. Come aboard, discover the beauty of the Douro and gaze into the soul of Portugal!

A-ROSA in Portugal!

Douro Route

Rhine / Main / Moselle

Rhine / Main / Moselle

The name of the Rhine comes from the German rinnen, “to flow”, suggesting a journey with beautifully flowing transitions – exquisite culture, cuisine and nature alternate harmoniously. The routes extend northward to the Netherlands through romantic landscapes and exciting cities such as Amsterdam or Bruxelles for people who like to explore new placese.

Rhine River Cruises


Danube River Cruises

Travel towards the sun along Europe’s longest river from west to east – though you’ll barely have a spare moment to look up at the sky because your gaze will be drawn to the picturesque beauty of the Wachau valley and the Hungarian puszta to both sides of the boat. Discover the astonishing wine-growing and cultural regions of Lower Austria and the historic treasures in the cities of Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest.

Danube River Cruises


Rhône/Saône River Cruises

Treat yourself to French savoir vivre – on trips through Provence and Camargue to the Mediterranean coast. In Europe’s most beautiful countryside, you will not be able to get enough of the picturesque scenery.

Rhône River Cruises


River Cruises on the Seine

Explore on your Seine cruise the most beautiful areas in France. Startingpoint of each journey is the city of love - Paris. The indiscribable flair of this city is repugnant to the romantic countryside idyll of the Seine valley.

Seine River Cruises


Douro River Cruises

Our Douro cruises begin and end in the city of Porto. So, you will have plenty of time to stroll through the beautiful old town, enjoy the view from Portugal's highest church tower or taste one of the 365 Bacalhau dishes, Portugal's famous dried fish. A trip to the Spanish city Salamanca.

Douro River Cruises