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Mini Cruises cruises on the Danube & Rhine from € 179 p.p.

This will be a nice start to the year 2018: Increase your anticipation for the new year with an A-ROSA cruise to the most beautiful places of Danube & Rhine.

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For bookings until 18 December you will receive a free cabin category upgrade!

Date Danube Mini Cruise Wachau: 03.01. | 06.01.2018

Date Rhine Mini Cruise Netherlands: 06.01. | 07.01.2018

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A-ROSA river cruises on

Rhine / Main / Moselle

Rhine / Main / Moselle

The name of the Rhine comes from the German rinnen, “to flow”, suggesting a journey with beautifully flowing transitions – exquisite culture, cuisine and nature alternate harmoniously. The routes extend northward to the Netherlands through romantic landscapes and exciting cities such as Amsterdam or Bruxelles for people who like to explore new placese.


Danube River Cruises

Travel towards the sun along Europe’s longest river from west to east – though you’ll barely have a spare moment to look up at the sky because your gaze will be drawn to the picturesque beauty of the Wachau valley and the Hungarian puszta to both sides of the boat. Discover the astonishing wine-growing and cultural regions of Lower Austria and the historic treasures in the cities of Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest.



Treat yourself to French savoir vivre – on trips through Provence and Camargue to the Mediterranean coast. In Europe’s most beautiful countryside, you will not be able to get enough of the picturesque scenery.


Flusskreuzfahrten auf der Seine

Explore on your Seine cruise the most beautiful areas in France. Startingpoint of each journey is the city of love - Paris. The indiscribable flair of this city is repugnant to the romantic countryside idyll of the Seine valley.