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Last-minute offers from A-ROSA

Experience a river cruise with A-ROSA to the metropolises of Europe. Enjoy magnificent natural landscapes and impressive cities on your trip. With our last minute offers, you can also discover the Rhine, Danube, Rhône and Seine spontaneously. Allow yourself to be swept away by untouched and wild nature as well as small, romantic port cities and colourful metropolises full of hustle and bustle. Stroll through small alleyways and old towns, visit large historical buildings and sights or enjoy a tea or coffee in one of the small, cosy street cafés whilst taking a break. Major cities such as Paris, Avignon, Cologne, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bratislava, Frankfurt am Main and Budapest are just waiting to be discovered and explored. Every city tells its own story and emanates its own special character as soon as you enter the harbour. Delve into Europe’s major cities and secure one of the last remaining in-demand cabins on a river cruise with A-ROSA now. Of course, the A-ROSA ships offer all the amenities for a relaxed and varied trip. The activity offers range from relaxing in the sun or in the pool to playing chess on the deck.

Spontaneous cruise with A-ROSA

Our Last-Minute Offers for cruises on Europe’s rivers make even a spontaneous trip possible. Anticipation is indeed half the fun but, with our Last-Minute Offers, you can set sail with us as early as tomorrow. Escape the daily grind and savour your river cruise. The Last-Minute Offers include the same advantages for spontaneous bookers as for early bookers. Rest and relaxation on the ship and on land with interesting excursions, magnificent nature and large cities are guaranteed. Our short cruises in particular offer a great chance to get away for a weekend and discover new things. Our A-ROSA ships await you. Discover our diverse range of Last-Minute Offers.

Discover Europe with A-ROSA

Early Booking Discount

Secure your price advantage, because whoever books earlier has more of the vacation!

The A-ROSA early booking discount is valid per full-paying passenger for departures from October 2018 to January 2019 for bookings made until 31.08.2018.

Please note that only a limited number of trips are available.

  • € 70 per person - for 7 nights of travel
  • € 60 per person - for 6 nights of travel
  • € 50 per person - for 5 nights of travel
  • € 30 per person - for 4 nights of travel
  • € 20 per person - for 3 nights of travel

Super last-minute river cruises

Last-minute cruises from A-ROSA