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Europe - A-ROSA cruise rivers

City trips to the metropolises of Europe

Travel today is so fast that our minds can barely keep pace with our bodies. We fly into a city, have a quick look around, and then jet off to the next destination. But if a ship gently takes you from city to city, you have the chance to truly arrive at your destination and, in the end, you’ll get more out of your travels. Entering a city by river gives you an insight into how nature turns into civilisation. You experience urban development, how the city structure transforms as you glide towards the city centre. You observe increasing levels of people and activity until you approach the lively goings-on of the port with the river-facing façades becoming increasingly grand. Castles, palaces, government buildings, monasteries, wonders of design – you are greeted by the most imposing architecture with variety from the historical development of each country.

Now you begin to feel excited about what might be awaiting to be discovered. Back there, the towers of a venerable cathedral. Over here, a defiant ruin. Straight ahead in the shade, an impressive bridge. And isn’t that promenade inviting you to go shopping? Plus you’ve heard so much about that museum. Or would it be better to first visit the labyrinth of narrow streets of the old town? You might prefer to simply go ashore and head off on your own. To stroll from café to tourist attraction as the mood takes you, and get your own impression of the city. Or, if you want a hassle-free approach, take part in one of our city excursions on foot, by bus, by bike or occasionally even segway. These tours are always led by friendly and knowledgeable guides.

Back on board in the evening, you might chat to your fellow passengers over a delicious dinner or a digestif, while in the background the city lights twinkle. No matter how you spend your day, you’ll all agree that there’s no more relaxed way of getting to know a city. And you’ll all be looking forward to encountering the next city the following day. You’ll experience the most comfortable form of modern-day city-hopping – one that doesn’t even require you to pack your suitcase.

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Houses along Amsterdam's canals.

Explore Amsterdam's historic centre or visit one of its famous museums and other Attractions.

Citytrips to Amsterdam


Grote Markt in Antwerpen.

Take a stroll through Antwerp old harbour or visit the impressive buildings in the City of Diamonds.

Citytrips to Antwerp


Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava.

In Bratislava you will experience the oldtown alleyways surrounded by city palaces in Baroque and Rococo architectural styles.

Citytrips to Bratislava


A view of Budapest's historic centre with an A-ROSA ship.

With A-ROSA you can follow the footsteps of the Ottoman Empire or the magnificent era of the House of Habsburg in Budapest.

Citytrips to Budapest


Rhône and Saône in Lyon.

In the warm evening sun you can admire the Saône and Rhône along their way from Lyon to the Mediterranean Sea.

Citytrips to Lyon


The Eifel Tower in Paris by the Seine.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will find the view of it from the banks of the Seine particularly beautiful.

Citytrips to Paris


The Cathedral of Strasbourg.

Come and visit Strasbourg's famous cathedral - Goethe had once discovered and cherished its wonder long ago.

Citytrips to Strasbourg


A view of Vienna's historic centre.

Come aboard the A-ROSA cruise ships and explore the capital of Austria Vienna from the river.

Citytrips to Vienna